From The Wreckage - Michele G Miller

From the Wreckage follows high school senior Jules Blacklin as and after she survives a major tornado that tears through her tiny town in Texas. The tornado is deadly, killing many people in her town and leaving even more paralyzed with traumatic memories and fear. In a matter of an hour, Jules lost her best friend, her brother’s happy-go-lucky personality, and her school—everything she’s ever known.


I knew this book could fall down a cheesy path, and fall down a cheesy path it did. I found the small-town cheerleader nature to be somewhat cliché, emphasized by the text messages (“OMG” and “LOL”) and obsession with Starbucks despite the absolute terror that tore through the town. Jules, the protagonist, was a fine character, but her love triangle seemed to be pointless, shallow, and somewhat irritating.


Overall, I give this book 2.5 stars. It wasn’t the worst thing I ever read, but I didn’t like it. I feel like I would have liked the story more when I was in middle or high school.